Same Day Visa Service

We are registered with the UK Border Agency to provide our clients with Premium Same Day Visa Service. We provide fast track premium service on some of the in-country applications. The premium service allows the Home Office to make a decision on your immigration matter within one day.

Sending an application to the UK Border Agency can mean that you have to wait weeks or even months for your application to be processed. Alternatively, we can submit applications on your behalf to the Public Enquiry Office for the same day visa service in various categories.

The same day service is available to those individuals who do not want to wait weeks or months to receive their visa. This is a very popular service as applicants avoid the stress of waiting for weeks or months for the Home Office UK Border Agency decision.

We will prepare your application for you to a high standard and a representative from our office will personally deliver the application to the Public Enquiry Office for the same day visa service and also assist with your biometrics process. In addition, we will make representations on your behalf in complex matters. In most circumstances, you should have your endorsed passport back the next working day.

You can apply in person to a Home Office Public Enquiry Office (PEO) for the Same Day Visa Service but, if you do, it is possible that you will have to spend a whole day there. This can be a stressful experience, especially if the Home Office rejects your application because a crucial piece of information or evidence is missing. We will prepare your application for you to a high standard and one our Legal Representative will represent you in Home Office.

Benefits of Submitting your Application Same Day:

  • Less than 24 hour turnaround time
  • You receive your passport back on the same day
  • Peace of mind of knowing the decision on the day
  • Not having to wait up to 6 months to get a decision and your passport back
  • We are able to obtain slots in any of the PEO offices across the UK

What Is Included in Our Service?

We can assist you with the complete process from the assessment of your case, completion of your application and advice on documentation and evidence being submitted to the booking stage of your fast track service. Our services for Same Day UK Visa Service includes the following:

  • Booking the PEO appointment at agreed Public Enquiry Office for Same Day UK Visa Service.
  • Advising you about the relevant documents to be submitted in support of your application.
  • Completing the application forms and checking your documents.
  • Preparing a covering letter in support of the application.
  • A Legal Representative will accompany you and your dependents to the Home Office, on the date of PEO appointment, we don’t use courier services.
  • Assisting you and your dependents in enrolment of your biometrics and submission of your application(s) to the PEO.

In case the application is retained for further enquiries, liaising with the Home Office for a quick decision on the application and provide any further documentary evidence to the Home Office, if required.

Booking an appointment

If you wish us to get you an appointment for same day service from the Home Office for your application and provide you the same day visa service, please email us the following details to or call 0208 616 5535 for an appointment.

  • Your full name (including any middle names);
  • Gender;
  • Your Date Of Birth;
  • Nationality;
  • UK Home Address;
  • Mobile Number;
  • Visa Expiry Date.

If you have any dependents, you should also provide the above given details for each dependent.

If you need an appointment for Same Day Service (Premium Service), you must instruct us for this as early as possible and not later than 6 weeks before the date for which PEO appointment is needed.

We understand that some time it is not possible to call us 6 weeks in advance and therefore, if you call us for a same day visa premium appointment on a short notice, we will still be able to secure a booking for you. We had booked premium appointment for many of our clients on a weeks’ notice.

You appoint Vanguard Solicitors through signing a client care letter. This would outline the services, our costs and our procedure. Once we have initially reviewed your circumstances and make sure that your application is not invalid we will send a request to the PEO in your name to book a same day Premium Appointment.

At this stage, we will evaluate your application, ensure that you meet the requirements and request the documents. We will cross reference your documents and ensure that you meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

On the day of your appointment an Immigration Adviser from our firm will accompany you to the PEO and one of our Adviser will submit your application at the PEO by hand and get a decision on your application the same day.

We will make sure that the Immigration Adviser deals with any query from the PEO about your application especially if there is a legal issue involved. For example, some time it is required to convince the immigration officer to use his or her discretion more favourably to you.

The applications submitted through our same day visa service are decided by the Home Office on the same day after we submit the application. As all applications are biometric applications as of 29 February 2012, therefore the applicant and dependents will have to attend the Home Office, PEO, Lunar House, Croydon for Biometrics.

The applicant and dependents can leave the Home Office building after they have enrolled their biometrics and our legal representative will be able to submit the application and complete rest of the process. Also, the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) will be sent by the Home Office to our office by special delivery within 7 working days of the decision on your application.

Please also be advised that if your application for leave to remain is not straightforward, the Home Office reserves the right to retain your application for further enquiries. We will be able to advise you in detail whether or not your case is likely to be retained for further enquiries if submitted through same day visa service.

You may be able to apply in person at a premium service centre if you’re already in the UK and want to:

  • extend your stay (known as ‘limited leave to remain’
  • settle permanently (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’)

If you’re applying for settlement, your premium service appointment must be:

  • at least 48 hours after your Life in the UK test
  • within 28 days of you completing your qualifying period


It costs £590 for each person to apply at a premium service centre. You also have to pay the standard application fee and the healthcare surcharge (if you need to pay it).

You don’t have to pay the premium service fee if you’re applying for an European Economic Area (EEA) registration certificate or to work in the UK as a Croatian national.

Appointments outside office hours

You’ll have to pay an extra £75 fee if you book an appointment time outside normal office hour, for example:

  • before 9am, Monday to Friday
  • after 4pm, Monday to Friday
  • on Saturday

Applications which can be considered by PEO

The following applications can be submitted visa Premium Service We provide Same Day Service (Premium Service) for immigration applications as mentioned below:

  • ILR On The Basis Of 6 Years Under Discretionary LEAVE [Form SET (O) Application]
  • ILR Application - 10 Years Long Residence [SET (LR) Application]
  • Partner Visa Under 10 Years Route To Settlement [FLR (FP) Application]
  • Switching Into Spouse Visa UK [FLR (M) Application]
  • Extension Of Stay As A Spouse [FLR (M) Application]
  • ILR Spouse [SET (M) Application]
  • Switching Into Civil Partner Visa [FLR (M) Application]
  • Extension Of Stay As A Civil Partner (FLR (M) Application]
  • ILR Civil Partner [SET (M) Application]
  • Switching Into Unmarried Partner Visa [FLR (M) Application]
  • Unmarried Partner Visa Renewal [FLR (M) Application]
  • ILR Unmarried Partner [SET (M) Application]
  • Switching Into Same Sex Partner Visa [FLR(M) Application]
  • Renewal Of Same Sex Partner Visa [ FLR (M) Application]
  • ILR Same Sex Partner [SET (M) Application]
  • Tier 1 General Extension
  • ILR Tier 1 General [SET (O) Application]
  • Switching Into Tier 2 General
  • Tier 2 General Extension
  • ILR Tier 2 General [SET (O) - Tier 2 General]
  • Switching Into Tier 2 Minister Of Religion
  • Tier 2 Minister Of Religion Visa Extension
  • ILR Tier 2 Minister Of Religion [SET (O) - Tier 2 Minister of Religion]
  • Switching Into Tier 2 ICT
  • Renewal Of Tier 2 ICT Visa
  • ILR Tier 2 ICT [SET (O) - Tier 2 ICT]
  • Switching Into Tier 2 Sportsperson
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa Renewal
  • ILR Tier 2 Sportsperson
  • Switching Into Tier 4 General Student
  • Renewal of Tier 4 General Student Visa
  • Switching Into Tier 4 Child Student Visa
  • Extension of Tier 4 Child Student Visa
  • Switching Into PBS Dependant Visa
  • PBS Dependant Visa Renewal
  • ILR - PBS Dependant
  • UK Ancestry Visa Extension [FLR (O) - UK Ancestry]
  • ILR UK Ancestry [SET (O) - UK Ancestry]
  • Domestic Worker Visa Extension [FLR (O) - Domestic Worker]
  • ILR Domestic Worker Visa [SET (O) - Domestic Worker]
  • ILR Work Permit Holder [SET (O) - Work Permit Holder]
  • TOC [Transfer Of Conditions] Application
  • NTL [No Time Limit] Application
  • Tier 5 Religious Workers Visa Extension
  • Tier 5 Charity Workers Visa Extension

You can’t use the premium or super premium service if you’re:

  • a business person, innovator, sole representative or investor
  • a Turkish business person
  • a self-employed lawyer
  • applying under Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)
  • applying under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
  • applying for Stage 1 endorsement under Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)
  • a seaman
  • a Gurkha
  • a retired person of independent means
  • an elderly dependant
  • still in the armed forces and exempt from immigration rules and requirements
  • a member of a diplomatic mission or one of their dependants
  • someone whose case is complex because of personal circumstances
  • someone whose case isn’t covered by the Immigration Rules
  • sponsored by a member of staff at a premium service centre
  • applying for a Home Office travel document
  • applying for naturalisation or registration as a UK national
  • applying as a victim of domestic violence
  • applying for an European Economic Area (EEA) residence card or permanent residence card
  • applying for an EEA registration certificate as an unmarried partner
  • applying for an EEA registration certificate and you’re not a qualified person
  • applying for proof of a right of abode

You also can’t use the premium or super premium service if you’re applying for discretionary leave to remain or humanitarian protection unless:

  • you’re applying under the transitional arrangements to extend your discretionary leave after 3 years
  • you’re applying to settle in the UK after 6 years discretionary leave

Applying for registration certificates

You can apply for a registration certificate in person at the Croydon premium service centre if you’re:

  • a European Economic Area (EEA) national and a ‘qualified person’
  • a Croatian national

There will be no change to the rights and status of EU nationals living in the UK, nor UK nationals living in the EU, while the UK remains in the EU.

Qualified persons

A qualified person is someone who is in the UK and is one of the following:

  • working
  • self-employed
  • self-sufficient
  • studying
  • looking for work and meets certain conditions

If you’re an EEA national you can’t include your family in your application. They must apply separately by post as an EEA family member or an EEA extended family member.

Croatian nationals

If you’re a Croatian national, you can only include your EEA family in your application if they’re your:

  • spouse or civil partner
  • child or grandchild aged under 21

Family who aren’t EEA nationals, other relatives and unmarried partners must apply by post as non-EEA family of a Croatian national.

Find a Premium Service Centre

You must have an appointment to visit a premium service centre.

There is no parking at the premium service centres but you can find parking nearby.

All centres are accessible to wheelchair users.


Her Majesty’s Passport Office
Law Society House
90-106 Victoria Street

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Saturdays (open twice a month), 9am to 3pm


Cardiff premium service centre
General Buildings
Ground floor
31-33 Newport Road
CF24 0AB

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm
Wednesday, midday to 8pm


Croydon premium service centre
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

Opening hours

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 8pm


Glasgow premium service centre
Festival Court
200 Brand Street
G51 1DH

Opening hours

Monday, Friday and Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Wednesday, 8am to 8pm


Liverpool premium service centre
The Capital Building
6 Union Street
L3 9PP

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Wednesday, 8am to 8pm


This centre only processes Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas.
London premium service centre
Globe House
1st floor
? 89 Eccleston Square

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm


Sheffield premium service centre
Vulcan House
Riverside entrance
6 Millsands
S3 8NU

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Wednesday, 8am to 8pm


Solihull premium service centre
Dominion Court
41 Station Road
B91 3RT

Opening hours

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8am to 5pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 8pm

Why choose us?

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer a competitive price service, we may undercut others with our prices but that does not mean our service will be compromised in any way. We promise to maintain a high standard of work

  • Dedicated Lawyer With Direct Access

    You will have direct access to our qualified lawyers, who have in- depth knowledge in the relevant are of law. Upon instructing you will be allocated an experienced lawyer who will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your case and set out the requirements and explain how they will be met in your circumstances, the lawyers we work alongside have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of law.

  • Relevant Law Explained

    Laws in the UK change frequently. Our team of lawyers are trained regularly and are kept up to date on all the latest developments. We will advise you on the law.

  • Highest Success Rate

    We are proud to claim that through our wealth of knowledge and experience we are able achieve the results that are needed. Our expert Lawyers put their full efforts in your case as we strongly believe in getting for you what you want.

  • Fast, Efficient and Trusting

    From the point of instruction our Lawyers will contact you to schedule a convenient time to conduct a detailed consultation and provide you with all the advice you will need. They will assess your case, advise you on options available you. Your matter will be completed within stipulated time frames, hopefully in advance of any deadlines. Our combined wealth of knowledge has seen even the most complex cases being successful. We promise to advise and guide you throughout the legal process and take away the stress.

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