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You can apply for settlement once you have been resident in the United Kingdom for a qualifying period. Settlement application depend on your current immigration category. Settlement also called Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or permanent residency (PR). Settling in the UK means you can stay in the UK without any time restrictions. Most applicants for ILR will be required to pass the Life in the UK Test.

Life in the UK Test

Any individual applying for ILR must now pass the ‘Life in the UK’ test and this will have to be evidenced as part of the application. We can advise and help you locate the appropriate test centre and to prepare for the test.

A member of our immigration team will assess your eligibility for ILR by considering the minimum period of time that you are required to hold residence in the UK before applying for ILR. This period of time depends on the type of visa you hold and depends on the following factors:

  • You visa category
  • Your ability to maintain yourself financially
  • Your marital status and if you have a partner, their nationality
  • Your immigration history

With the dedication of the best immigration Solicitors in London, your chances of a successful application for Indefinite leave to remain are higher. A grant of ILR will allow you to settle in the UK permanently without having to extend your visa again; You will be free to engage in business activities and take up Employment; and You will be free to travel to and from the UK without restriction.

Our Immigration Services for Indefinite Leave To Remain:

  • ILR - Tier 1 investor
  • ILR – Tier 1 Entrepreneur 
  • ILR - 10 Years Long Residence 
  • ILR - 20 Years Long Residence
  • ILR spouse visa – SET (M) Application (Same Day Visa Service)
  • ILR - Same Sex Partner – SET (M) Application (Same Day Visa Service)
  • ILR Civil Partner – SET (M) Application (Same Day Visa Service)
  • ILR Unmarried Partner Visa – SET (M) Application (Same Day Visa Service)
  • ILR - As Victim Of Domestic Violence
  • ILR - Bereaved Partner
  • ILR Adult Dependant Relative (Entry Clearance Application)
  • ILR Form Set (F) - Application for Children
  • ILR  - As A Dependent Child
  • ILR – Work Permit Holder
  • ILR – Tier 5 International Agreement (Same Day Service)
  • ILR - As A Refugee - SET Protection Route
  • permanent residence As A Family Member of An EEA National - EEA (PR) Application
  • permanent residence As An EEA National - EEA (PR) Application

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