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People who have received admission in a short course in the United Kingdom can apply for a Short-term Study Visa. We can help you navigate through all of the paperwork. We can provide you with legal advice and answer any questions you might have about studying in the UK.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants meeting the eligibility requirements below can apply for a Short-term Study Visa:

  • Belong from outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland
  • Provide evidence they have been offered a spot on a course at a recognised educational institution in the UK
  • Have sufficient funds to support themselves while in the UK without calming public funds or working or that friends and relatives are offering them support and accommodation
  • They can pay to return back to their country or continue their journey outside of the UK
  • If they are under 18, they must provide evidence they have made arrangements to travel to and live in the UK and their parent or guardian has given them permission to study in the UK

Applicants should apply three months before they are to travel to the country and should expect to receive a decision on their visa status within three weeks.

Stay Duration

Applicants taking a short course, including English language courses, or conducting research can stay in the UK for six months if they are 18 and older. Applicants taking an English language can stay in the UK for eleven months if they are 18 and older.

Where Should They Take the Course?

In order to travel on a Short-term Study Visa, the applicant must be accepted to an educational institution that holds a Tier 4 Sponsor License. If not, they will need to take the course at an educational institution recognised by one of the following:

  • Schools Inspection Service
  • Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
  • Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted)
  • Independent Schools Inspectorate
  • HM Inspectorate of Education (in Scotland)
  • Estyn (in Wales)
  • Education and Training Inspectorate (in Northern Ireland)
  • British Accreditation Council
  • Bridge Schools Inspectorate
  • Accreditation UK
  • Accreditation Service for International Colleges
  • Accreditation Body for Language Services

Other study requirements include:

  • If they are applying for a Short-term Study Visa for eleven months, they must enrol in a course to learn English as a foreign language.
  • Combination courses do not account where learning English is just a small part of the course
  • Applicants visiting the UK to take a course, which is part of an overseas program, must be no less than 18 years of age and must be enrolled at an higher educational institution overseas, holding national accreditation, offer part of its program in the UK, and offer programmes equivalent to a degree in the UK
  • Applicants visiting the UK to conduct research must be enrolled in an degree program overseas, must be no less than 18 years of age, must carry out research at recognised body in the UK, and their educational institution’s programmes must be equivalent to a degree in the UK

Required Documents

Applicants need to provide the following documents:

  • Valid passport or travel identification
  • Prove they can support themselves while in the UK such as bank statements or salary slips for the last six months
  • Address in the UK and travel plans
  • Tuberculosis test results if they belong to a country where taking the test is a requirement
  • Contact information of a parent or caregiver in their home country, unless they are 18 and older
  • Letter of acceptance from the educational institution in the UK
  • Previous study documents
  • Ability to read, write, understand, and speak English
  • Permission to be in the UK, if they are not a national
  • Financial sponsor’s income, occupation, savings that will support them while they are in the UK

Parents and guardians of applicants under 18 will need to provide the following documents:

  • Written consent to visit UK
  • Contact information
  • Name, address, relation, consent in writing, and DOB of the person the applicant will be staying with on their stay
  • Applicants need to provide a letter from the educational institution, stating they have informed the local authority of the student’s visit if the applicant will be studying in the country on their stay and if they are under 16 and include a confirmation from the local authority, if the educational institution has received one

Applicants travelling with an adult who is 18 and older need to identify them on their visa application. Their name will be listed on their visa application and if they arrive without them, they will not be allowed to enter UK. They can write the name of up to two adults. If they are writing down two, at least one of them has to arrive with them. However, the adults need to complete and submit their own visa application.

You must meet all the other eligibility requirements.

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